verb lav·i-\ˈshē-ˈla-vi\ˈshā-

:to apply by rubbing Lotion bar between hands allowing it to melt using your body heat 


LaviShea® Lotion Bars are made in the USA with wholesome ingredients including unrefined shea butter and the healing powers of coconut oil without all the added chemicals like other brands.


Lavishea® Lotion Bars may look like soap but they are not. When rubbed on your skin the bar melts with your body heat and absorbs quickly and completely without leaving a sticky, greasy residue. Your skin becomes soft and smooth.


LaviShea® Lotion Bars unique shape was scientifically designed for ease in moisturizing your fingers, toes, face and nose as well as your entire body. Each 1.35 oz bar comes in its own lock tight recyclable travel container that is easily transported to the beach, work or through airport security.


LaviShea® Lotion Bars are designed for everyone whether you are a banker, real estate agent, knitter, fifth-grader, sales executive, contractor, landscaper, grand parent, musician, pilot, server, mechanic, dancer, barista, accountant, teenage driver, sports professional, jeweler, artist, engineer or happily retired.


LaviShea® Lotion Bars are richly satisfying to Mind, Body and Soul. We invite you to try LaviShea for yourself. Choose a bar from our Essential Oil or Designer Scents Line and experience what others have already discovered. LaviShea Today!





 Did you LaviShea today? LaviShea Lotion Bars are made with the finest natural ingredients. Our lotion bars integrate the moisturizing and healing properties of Fair Trade, unrefined shea butter, organic coconut oil and 100% natural soy, complimented with premium botanical oils, essential oils, and/or fragrance. The bars melt with your body heat and absorb quickly and completely without leaving a greasy residue, penetrating deep into the skin to re-hydrate and moisturize.

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