"The Lavishea fragances are so wonderful - I have several different ones since I keep a convenient bar with me all the time. This refreshing lotion bar moistures your hands without being greasy! Being a golfer, this is an important feature for playing and keeping my hands soft."

- Julia (Iowa)


"Amazingly improved my daughter’s eczema after only 4 days of use!!"..." A wonderful fragrance that is safe for even the most sensitive skin!!!"

-LeAnna ( Louisiana)

Colorado & Company or "COCO" is a magazine-style show that airs live on Channel 9, KUSA-TV from 10-11am on weekdays. Lavishea Lotion Bars were on " Denise's Favorite Finds" for April 1, 2009 (no joke!). 

"I really love Lavishea bars because they smell fantastic, and they are the best moisturizer you can find for really dry skin. If you are using it on your feet and you want to rub it straight on your foot, you should definitely clean your foot first and you might want to get one bar for your feet, and one bar for everywhere else so that the "everywhere else" bar does not get any dirt on it.

My favorite way to use the bar is probably not a common use, but I love it for use under my eyes. It's too rich for all over my face, but it sure beats using the prior lotion I used to use under my eyes which was designed for the face, but contains sunscreen (it really stung my eyes). I still use the other lighter lotion for the cheeks, forehead, etc... but Lavishea for around my eyes. When I switched to Lavishea, it got rid of the fine lines on my undereyes and my eyes were not irritated. I also started using it on my lids as an eyeshadow primer to make my eyeshadow apply more vividly since I knew it was gentle. I would not use any fragrances that tingle or cool to do these things though, and I am careful to keep just a little safety gap between the lotion and my waterline/tearducts. I use my finger to melt some lotion, and then I rub my finger very gently to apply to the area around my eyes. Since it isn't liquid, it doesn't get in my eyes like my other facial lotion used to. Anyway, I love it! I think it is the best beauty secret I have."

-Wendy (Hawaii)

"I hate lotion. Hate hate hate. I hate how it makes your hands feel all greasy and gross, and how it ends up getting under your finger nails... I just have to share one of those things that I've come to find is one of my new favorite things ever. Lavishea Lotion Bars... most of the retailers that carry the bars seem to be yarn stores, but honestly I think this stuff is so great that everyone should buy it.

What I love about it is it's lotion, but it's not nearly as greasy as most of the lotions I've ever used are and since it's a bar rather than a liquid, it doesn't tend to get under my fingernails (well, I suppose it could if you stuck your nail into the bar.... but that can be avoided!)."

See the whole post: 

"...we quilters appreciate your wonderful bars.  Not only are they soothing on our hands after hand quilting, but they are terrific for "problem" skin, such as eczema, and moisturizes our hands so that we don't snag on our fabric.  The fact that it comes in a bar form is even better because we can use it and continue on sewing, without waiting for hands to dry. For us traveling quilters, it is perfect to stow away in our quilting bag.  The scents are light and fresh, not overpowering at all.  Keep up the good work, and Thank You!

Christine Proulx
The Calico Cottage Quilt Shop
Riverside, RI

“A friend of mine gave me a couple of Lavishea Lotion Bars as a gift, and they are so elegant and unusual! I just had to write to find out whether I can buy them at any local stores.” … “I usually use thick creams (the kind doctors recommend for severely dry itchy skin) with no scent all winter long to battle my severely dry skin. These bars do the job as well as a thick cream, but they are scented beautifully. I have never been able to find that combination before! Thank you for making something for those of us who need a thick super-cream but still want a luxurious scent. I also love the fact that I can keep one in my purse and I don’t have to worry that it will spring a leak and ruin my purse like lotions would. These are very clever!”

- Sue (Massachusetts)




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